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Cultural Training that Makes
MENA Business Sense

The UK is recognised internationally as a global gateway to the East, with its multicultural population, pioneering tradition and well-established relationships. This places its educational institutions in a unique position:

  • UK students can achieve the best of qualifications in international business studies, including advanced sales and management practices
  • UK institutions are geographically ideally positioned for international students (including from the MENA region) wishing to perfect their language skills and build networks
  • They can draw on a broad range of practical experience within the UK
  • Middle East education institutions are attracted to the UK for mutually beneficial partnerships, and its current perception as a trusted gateway to Europe

However, the current curriculum doesn’t always allow for the integration of commercially relevant cultural training, meaning many students aren’t gaining the deep, practical understanding of MENA business, social culture and etiquette needed to ensure international employability and currency.

International Culture Pilot understands and can help.

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We can help your students and staff navigate Middle East cultural challenges..

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Challenges Facing Academic Institutions

Your UK institution may face many challenges, both from students and teaching staff.

Do you face any of these challenges with Western students and staff?

  • Pre-conceptions about Middle East culture
  • A lack of familiarity with the region and its fragile politics
  • Laid-back approach to ‘real-world’ training based on the idea that the Middle East ‘cannot be that complicated’
  • Focus on language, with a belief that it can solve all challenges
  • Expectations that future employers will conduct sector-specific in-house training

And specifically, do you face any of these challenges with MENA-national students?

  • Lack of understanding of rigorous UK academic standards
  • English language proficiency
  • Expectations of an internationally recognised degree, leading automatically to employment at a senior level

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Benefitting Students and Staff Alike

International Culture Pilot (iCP) is a Middle East North Africa (MENA) focused business consultancy, with over 25 years of experience.

Drawing on our deep cultural knowledge and understanding, we help your students, organisation or institution navigate cultural and procedural challenges; preparing them for future business appointments in the MENA region.

We can help:

  • Undergraduates studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic, helping to prepare them for their ‘year abroad’ with live commercial knowledge
  • Postgraduates studying for a Masters or higher qualification in international business, sales or management
  • Company employees signed up for practical training courses in the Arabic language, sales training and specialist subjects and qualifications such as Miller Heiman and 6 Sigma
  • In-house teaching staff of undergraduate, postgraduate and professional development courses in the Arabic language, international business, sales or management

iCP will work with you to pilot your graduates on a ‘cultural journey’ either before they join an international business or to complement their existing role. We guide your international business graduates through the lifetime of a MENA project, or partner with your training department for retained international cultural, process and business support training.

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3 stages of iCP Services

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Adding Real-world Value to Your Curriculum

We are confident in our ability to add considerable value to both your staff and students’ knowledge. Our cultural training focuses on practical, commercial scenario and workshop sessions that complement and extend any existing curriculum, whether in-house or external, including Middle East placements abroad (both educational and vocational).

You will no doubt already employ nationals from the MENA region, benefitting greatly from their wealth of knowledge and linguistic expertise. But have you considered how you can extend their important skills with advanced commercial/business process and business etiquette to complement the language training? iCP can work with you in close support of your established curriculum to ensure that your students are armed with commercial know-how and business acumen, ready to manage the ‘real-world’ Middle East.

Our training programmes are tailored to meet your exact needs, in line with your budget, course timings and tight schedules.

Wider Reaching Benefits

A partnership with iCP allows your institution to gain:

  • A deep understanding of and respect for the religious, cultural and ethical sensitivities
  • An awakened, early interest in the complicated, fragile politics of the region
  • Working knowledge of the often complex regional sales & operations processes
  • Early understanding of a MENA 'campaign' through a well-coordinated network and project management
  • Application of the very best Western sales, business development and operations management practices with a MENA 'cultural filter'

Beyond what your graduates can offer employers, expanding their cultural awareness is particularly critical today. External factors for key consideration include:

  • Challenges and opportunities post Brexit
  • Employer expectations
  • Global expansion (West to East)
  • Growth of Islam
  • International tensions

Let us demonstrate our Middle East cultural expertise. Contact us today to start initial discussions, with no upfront commitments.

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3 stages of iCP Services

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