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Is your business succeeding
in the Middle East?

Are you looking to enter, grow or improve your business in the Middle East? Do you have limited understanding of doing business in the Middle East? Are you frustrated by cultural barriers in international business or have you had a negative experience that has now discouraged you?

International Culture Pilot understands and can help.

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Cultural Consultant

We can recommend the best route for your business, with no upfront commitments.

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Do you need a cultural consultant?

If you have faced, or are currently facing any business challenges in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar, to name but a few, our expert cultural consultants can help you.

Do you recognise any of these issues?

  • We know or have heard that the Middle East is complicated and culturally sensitive
  • We are not sure that we have the right agent, or if we need one, how to find one
  • The business communication language barriers are too great
  • Our innovative product is perfect for the region, but we don’t understand the Middle East enough
  • We cannot afford a Middle East focused sales & business development team
  • The time and money we invest in Middle East and international exhibitions never pay off
  • We thought we understood the region, but it’s ever-changing
  • We need to work out our approach before we take on this continually evolving region
  • The new UK and US anti-bribery and corruption laws scare us and we are not prepared to take a risk
  • We thought we were making progress, were made promises, but have wasted much time and money

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3 stages of iCP Services

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Get ready for a transformative cultural journey

International Culture Pilot (iCP) is a Middle East and North Africa (MENA) focused business consultancy that combines best-in-class global business development, sales and training practices with deep Middle East understanding. We support Western companies looking to enter or expand their reach in the region. Our team of Middle East cultural consultants can deepen your cultural understanding and act as Middle East culture champions within and on behalf of your business.

Learn more about our highly tailored 3-stage approach here which offers everything from the lightest cultural guidance to an on-going, ‘end-to-end’ campaign partnership. Whether you’re currently doing business in Dubai and want to master UAE business etiquette, or you are keen to enter the Saudi market and want to improve your understanding of the Saudi business culture, we can help you navigate the challenges ahead. Tell us which Middle East region you are targeting and what support you’re looking for… we’ll do the rest.

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3 stages of iCP Services

Learn more