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Does your team provide support services to the major Middle East transport & logistics, security, construction, communications & IT, or health & safety industries? As service providers who rely on good communication and relationships, are you concerned about the successful integration of your services abroad? Do your staff understand the cultural sensitivities of the region, or speak the language?

International Culture Pilot understands and can help.

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Cultural Consultant

We can support your team in business development, bids, proposals and the effective delivery & retention of contracts across the Middle East.

Let’s discuss your business needs, with no upfront commitments.

Do you need a cultural consultant?

If you have faced, or are currently facing any business challenges in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar, to name but a few, our expert cultural consultants can help you.

Do you recognise any of these issues?

  • Concerned about the cultural sensitivity and knowledge of staff visiting or in the region
  • Neither prepared, nor can afford, to risk the safety of staff in the current situation
  • In light of Brexit, looking to employ additional Middle East focused sales staff
  • Planning a regional office to secure business in the Middle East
  • Despite previous disappointments, pursuing Middle East tenders, bids and projects
  • Invested heavily in marketing, but not competing with established consortiums in the region
  • Looking for a Middle East joint venture partner to secure a presence in the region
  • Facing industry standards, certification and regulation obstacles with joint venture projects
  • Apprehensive about the security of IP and technology/knowledge transfer in the region
  • Anxious about safety and IP security when shipping high-value equipment to the region
  • Concerned about UK Anti-Bribery and US FCPA laws despite the potential of the region
  • Considering stalling or giving up on the region until risks can be understood and mitigated

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Navigating your team through cultural challenges

One of the key challenges faced by businesses is the uncertainty created by Brexit and its potential long-term impact on UK businesses. This is why many businesses, including service providers, are looking to establish or expand their reach in the ‘new’ Middle East; a prime region for growth opportunities. When it comes to doing business in the Middle East, our UK-based cultural consultants with their 30+ years of Middle East experience can certainly help.

As service providers, we understand that your business relies on the skillset of your workforce to deliver support to Middle East industries such as transport & logistics, security, communications & IT, and health & safety. If you or your personnel are facing any business challenges in the Middle East, our expert cultural consultants can help you. We will navigate your team through cultural challenges and effectively support them in bids and tenders and retention of contracts.

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3 stages of iCP Services

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