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iCP Myrrh

In this third stage, iCP partners with you as your organisation matures, helping you to build on your regional success.

During this stage, we will empower you to:

  • Manage friendships and good working relations with MENA counterparts
  • Determine language training requirements for your employees
  • Initiate, manage and lead a regional campaign plan
  • Direct negotiations, leading an accounting, technical or bid team
  • Lead the preparation for a foreign delegation visit to the UK
  • Manage a foreign technical, SAT or FAT team visit to the host nation
  • Manage the regional delegation and company exhibition programme
  • Write a company briefing for a culturally diverse audience
  • Manage legal, financial, offset, import/export, information
  • Prepare, present, brief and win a regional contract/tender
  • Manage a regional distributor/agent network
  • Direct a complex negotiation to success
  • Resolve complex problem/delivery/delay and warranty issues

For more information about how iCP can help
your business, please call +44 (0)1451 844 462
or email us.

The 3 Stages of iCP Services