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iCP Frankincense

In this second stage, iCP builds on the confidence of iCP Gold to deepen your understanding, helping your organisation to strengthen and grow in the MENA region.

During this stage, we will empower you to:

  • Communicate comfortably with non-native speakers
  • Manage a regional campaign plan and strategy
  • Manage UK DIT, FCO and Chamber of Commerce relationships
  • Lead a negotiating, accounting, technical or bid team
  • Organise and lead a foreign delegation visit to the UK
  • Lead a foreign technical, SAT or FAT team visit to the host nation
  • Lead a visiting delegation/trade mission to the region
  • Deliver a presentation to a culturally diverse audience
  • Manage key legal, financial, offset, import/export processes
  • Begin due diligence and the appointment of a regional sales channel

For more information about how iCP can help
your business, please call +44 (0)1451 844 462
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The 3 Stages of iCP Services