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iCP offers highly bespoke business consultancy services to companies looking to establish or expand their cultural understanding of the MENA region. Under the banner ‘من القهوة إلى العقد' (from coffee to contract), iCP uniquely delivers an entire MENA campaign.

iCP can:

  • Deepen your cultural understanding and share collective wisdom
  • Assess and advise on training requirements
  • Act as cultural champions within and on behalf of your business
  • Embed a multi-skilled support team into your leadership, sales, bid or operational teams
  • Apply best business development, sales and training practices with a ‘cultural filter’
  • Support your business throughout the lifecycle of a campaign, project, programme or tender
  • Guarantee a personalised service from establishment of a regional presence to final contract delivery

The 3 Stages of iCP Services

iCP’s customised services progressively build cultural proficiency over three key stages. Each stage prepares, equips and supports organisations as they acquire the cultural skills and confidence that assure their business success in the MENA region.

The three stages of services offered by iCP are:

All three stage options are available on a project as well as an annual retainer basis.

For more information about how iCP can help
your business, please call +44 (0)1451 844 462
or email us.