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Whether you represent an international law firm or a banking & financial institution, concrete understanding and experience in cultural relations is critical on both an internal and external level.

It is common practice for UK companies looking to enter or already operating in the Middle East to turn to legal or financial firms like your own for guidance on international business cultures. The support they are seeking often goes beyond the remit of legal and financial advice. This can result in a potentially costly diversion away from your expertise, but in order to secure or maintain business relations, you are often left with no choice but to accommodate.

International Culture Pilot understands and can help.

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We can guide your clients and employees through Middle East cultural challenges.

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Middle East Cultural Risks for Legal and Financial Sectors

If you work in the world of banking, legal or finance and have established a solid understanding and expertise of the Middle East region, you may already have found yourself in one of these situations:

  • In your senior capacity, you have built enviable experience and relations in the Middle East. You recognise that many of your colleagues and employees have not – burdening you with the added responsibility of ‘teaching them the ropes’.
  • A lack of confidence in your new recruits (whether they be trainees, graduates or new starters) to manage correctly your highly valued Middle East clientele, could be risky at best and detrimental at worst.
  • A highly mobile workforce and organisation structure where an appointment or posting to the Middle East office or partner is an established career move; will your firm rely on ‘in house’ experience to ensure their preparation?
  • A well-established client care and support culture, demanding that your high value clients are accompanied by representatives from your firm during delicate negotiation; while you have every confidence in your staffs’ professional skills, are they culturally trained or attuned?
  • Your UK clients looking to enter or grow in the Middle East are turning to you and your team as trusted advisers for cultural advice, which goes beyond your remit as a legal or financial expert.
  • You are confronted by a difficult contractual or financial situation that has escalated primarily because the parties involved did not understand each other (either literally through misinterpretation or lack of cultural understanding). Would it not have been simpler and of mutual benefit to all to explain and manage expectations from the outset?
  • Your administrative, finance or logistics staff deal with their Middle East counterparts on a regular basis. An invoice not paid? A flight not booked? An important client not afforded the customary respect? Could the whole embarrassment not have been avoided with some basic cultural training?

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Forming a Reliable Partnership

International Culture Pilot (iCP) can provide you with direct, ongoing access to Middle East culture experts who are on hand to take the burden away or help you navigate the cultural challenges and barriers faced by your clients and employees. Our specialists possess 30+ years of hands-on experience in the Middle East and can work in partnership with you to prepare and guide your clients as well as your new employees, allowing you to focus your efforts on legal and financial matters.

Working with Confidence, in Confidence

iCP understands the importance of confidentiality: our expert Middle East team possess vast experience in working with VIP Middle East clients, including dignitaries and high net worth individuals. The foundation of all our partnerships is based on complete discretion and trust which allows us to support our partners on highly sensitive and confidential projects and tenders, in the strictest of confidence.

Complementing your In-house Expertise

The iCP team does not claim to be legal or financial experts, but we do understand international culture and are highly experienced in identifying and resolving cultural challenges, especially in the MENA region. We appreciate and respect your unique expertise in international banking and finance, including the intricacies of the Sharia law. We do, however, strongly believe that a partnership with iCP can strengthen your current standing.

Working with iCP means that your institution will be able to offer your clients as well as your employees highly tailored cultural training workshops for the MENA region, packaged under your portfolio of services. The workshops also work hand-in-hand with any other internal cultural programmes that your firm already has in place, fully customised to meet your company’s exact requirements including standalone training sessions and ongoing partnership programmes conducted either in the UK or in the Middle East region.

Let us demonstrate our Middle East cultural expertise. Contact us today to start initial discussions, with no upfront commitments.

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3 stages of iCP Services

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