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International Culture Pilot (iCP) is a Middle East North Africa (MENA) focused business consultancy that offers best-in-class business development, sales and training practices to Western companies looking to enter or expand their reach in the MENA region.

iCP specialises in supporting and navigating businesses through a ‘cultural journey’ with the aim of building cultural awareness, embracing cultural differences and managing cultural challenges.

iCP provides agile and intelligent cultural solutions specifically tailored to your organisational requirements. Our flexible, three-stage approach offers everything from the lightest cultural guidance to an on-going partnership that helps you to build your business into a confident, well-established regional presence.

Effortlessly integrating into your company’s existing leadership, sales, bid or operational team, our dedicated professionals can be your ‘cultural champions’.

Together, we can navigate your business through any and every stage of a regional campaign, major project, programme or tender bid.

About iCP Founder

A partnership with iCP can provide your company with the crucial guidance and assurance required to frame successful business opportunities in the MENA region. Contact us today to start your cultural journey.

For more information about how iCP can help
your business, please call +44 (0)1451 844 462
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