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Navigating Businesses Through
International Cultural Challenges

International Culture Pilot is a Middle East North Africa (MENA) focused business consultancy. Drawing on our deep cultural knowledge and understanding, we can help your organisation to navigate the cultural and legal challenges of taking your business into the MENA region.

With over 25 years of multi-sector experience, iCP will work with you to pilot your team on a ‘cultural journey’ as you grow your business internationally.

We can guide your business management, sales or operations teams throughout the lifetime of a project, or partner with you for ongoing cultural, language and business support.

Is your business currently facing any of these challenges?

  • A new bid & sales team
  • A challenging tender
  • A regional campaign
  • A new product launch
  • First engagement outside Europe
  • A previous or current difficult experience
  • A new regional office
  • Life after Brexit
  • A new joint venture, localisation or offset challenge
  • UAE 2021 and Saudi Arabia 2030 ‘Vision’

We can help

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A cultural journey

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